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T. Villa wasn't always a rapper. He has always been smart, and gifted though. In the 'hood, on the westside of Detroit where he's from, those things are both bitter and sweet. T. Villa is from a naturally savvy family. Villa comes from a long line of individuals with heart and hustle in their veins. He's predisposed to go-get-it-ness, only in the non-traditional, Detroit-hustles-harder kind of way.


Young Villa had something else too, something special. He knew how to rhyme, he could put words together and nobody had to show him how. It came naturally, as naturally as hustling did. But sometimes real life takes a front seat to our passions and when you're the man of the house you've got a choice to make: write these rhymes or put food on the table. So somewhere between the hustle and the sound booth, T. Villa was born. The road was bumpy and filled with its ups and downs. On more than one occasion there were run-ins with the law.


By 2012 Villa decided that music would be his life. He'd be the impresario in his own future and it looked bright. So bright in fact that he wrote feverishly and performed tiny concerts over beats randomly on peoples' voicemail. The streets still called though. That last run-in had him facing too many years in prison. But with prayer, good lawyers and that hustler savvy, those years turned to months, just 6 of them. It was all in divine order. It was that solitude in an Ohio jail cell that allowed T. Villa the time to truly become T. Villa, to be still, to pick apart his innate skill and perfect it. He was able to turn his life experience into musical content that wasn't forced or contrived. It made writing easier because he didn't have to make any of it up. He could tell his story through a platform that was built for it. Hip-hop could surely stand the weight of the heaviness that was being young and black in Detroit City.


And so it began. A life dedicated to his first passion began to unfold. Villa decided that street life did not have a place in the rest of his life. He chose what he loved and vowed to make it work. He'd use his inherent business acumen, the tenants of hustling and sheer determination to live better and fuel the pursuit of his dreams. The more he rhymed and freestyled, the more people began to gravitate toward his music. According to them, he had “it”. Since then there have been 4 mixtapes --Detroit Made hosted by DJ BJ, Pay Per View hosted by DJ BJ, Say No Apologies hosted by Big Dawg Blast and DJ Infamous, G.M.A.O. (Grinding My Ass Off), 1 album – Paycation and his current project B.I.G. (Bitch I'm Good) featuring the hit single “Big”. 


T.Villa went from producing a 10-track mixtape in his homeboy's living room studio to having a notable rapport with industry and core DJ's willing to grant him radio play. The Helluva produced single “Big” has been streamed over 3 million times on music hosting sites and is an instant hit. When Detroit deejay's heard it, they reached out to Villa immediately and began playing it during their radio programs.Villa has remixed (with permission from Def Jam) Kanye West's “Lift Yourself”, is perpetually in the studio recording and has a full roster of performances lined up including BET Weekend, Detroit Summer Jamz and a host of radio sponsored appearances.


Villa has been featured on Baller Alert, Say Cheese TV, DJ Smallz, Shade 45, gained interest from Ice Cube and the Big 3 for music, been featured in movies, and performed with some of the top names in the industry around the country. With a long list of other notable accolades. To help further push the T. Villa brand, he has started his own clothing line “Stay Focused & Take Risks” along with his patented logo and “WIN” line that is available online. In addition to the start of his own record label “4 Ever Lock'D In Records” which currently has distribution with Empire. Villa also has multiple videos on BET JAMS/MTV networks. “Authentic” which was put on the “Bet Jams playlist” as well as “Fresh Face Friday.” Also the visual to his most recent single “REALLY” aired on Fresh Face Friday & The BET JAMS mixtape playlist in 2020. “REALLY” is available for download and streaming on ALL music platforms. 


Villa’s latest accomplishments include receiving “Independent Artist of the Year” award, “Artist Of the Week” award from Dj Holiday and Hot 107.9, and also landing a cameo in Lil Boosie’s “Water Boyz” movie. Since the start of the 2020’s T. Villa has started the “WIN Movement” which includes his project “WIN” and latest release “WIN 2 : Win Or Die. W2 features the hit single “THEM GIRLZ” which is a remix of Lil Jon’s “I Like Them Girlz”. W2 is out now, along with the rest of T. Villa’s catalog. videos can be viewed on VEVO, BET JAMS, MTV, and Youtube. Including his new hit single “Bring A Friend” featuring former D4L and ATL legend Fabo, that has been heating up all summer 2023.

T. Villa is entering 2024 and carrying over the momentum. Appearing in 3 time Grammy Award winner Killer Mike’s Down by Law Video, Usher and City Girlz “Good Luv” video, as Well as Wicked ft Ceelo “Break The Bank” video and more. Villa is Set to drop singles featuring legends like B. legit, Yo Yo, J Bo and Sean P of the Young Bloodz, and more in the works. Along with more fire on the way from Villa and Grammy winner Fabo, things are looking up. Stay tuned and join the win movement, follow T. Villa on all social platforms. 









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